Our plant collection is home to species from around the world that are regionally appropriate to S. FL subtropical conditions. We grow a wide array of material that inspire us, require low maintenance and minimal inputs and work harmoniously with the S. Florida landscape.

 In addition, with over 10 years of experience in the nursery and landscape industry we offer plant brokering to help locate the best material available for your project. We offer full service locating, delivery and installation.  

Botanical Name: Ptychosperma schefferi

Common Name: Scheffers Palm

Origin: Central North Coast of New Guinea

Flowering: Flowers are white in color followed by dark purple fruit

Growth Requirements: Requires consistently moist soil during establishment; do not let dry out between waterings. Sun to Shade. Grown for evergreen foliage, screening or accent.

Botanical Name: Ceiba pentandra

Common Name: Kapok Tree, Silk-Cotton Tree

Origin: Neo Tropics, Tropical Africa, Southern Mexico

Flowering: White flowers which are an important source of nectar and pollen for bees and bats. Bats are primary pollinators.

Growth Requirements: Full Sun to partial shade. Extremely drought tolerant once established. Does not like wet feet / poor drainage.

Botanical Name: Adansonia digitata

Common Name: Baobab

Origin: Subsaharan Africa

Flowering: Spring & Summer

Growth Requirements: Full Sun, Good Drainage

Botanical Name: Kentiopsis oliviformis

Distribution: New Caledonia

Growth Requirements: shade when mature, filtered light when young, full sun to part