Kapok Tree

Botanical Name: Ceiba pentandra

Common Name: Kapok Tree, Silk-Cotton Tree

Origin: Neo Tropics, Tropical Africa, Southern Mexico

Flowering: White flowers which are an important source of nectar and pollen for bees and bats. Bats are primary pollinators.  

Growth Requirements: Full Sun to partial shade. Extremely drought tolerant once established. Does not like wet feet / poor drainage.

Ceiba pentandra:

King of the tropical rainforest, Ceiba pentandra is one of the largest trees on earth. This tree helps to create the canopy layer in the tropical rainforest of the neo tropics and has been distributed by birds and civilizations to many regions around the world. For the Mayan people the Ceiba pentandra held spiritual significance and many of their cities were developed with the Ceiba as the focal point. Many other cultures also placed significant spiritual importance to this species. When admiring this tree it is easy to understand how its appearance demands your attention. An understudied tree species, there is lots of confusion as to which tree is Ceiba pentandra as the genus “Ceiba” has many species. The place of origin is commonly thought to have been in the neo-tropics however some believe it is native to Africa. One thing is for sure, this tree is hugely impressive and a great upper-canopy tree for any landscape.