Scheffers Palm

Botanical Name: Ptychosperma schefferi

Common Name: Scheffers Palm

Origin: Central North Coast of New Guinea

Flowering: Flowers are white in color followed by dark purple fruit

Growth Requirements: Requires consistently moist soil during establishment; do not let dry out between waterings. Sun to Shade. Grown for evergreen foliage, screening or accent.

Ptychosperma schefferi:

This tropical clumping palm native to New Guinea is regarded as one of the most beautiful of its genus. Often used as an elegant screening barrier, what makes this palm attractive is its versatility and resilience in the landscape. Unlike your common Areca or Fishtail palms, the schefferi’s tight and compact crown allows it to be used in many settings without consuming much yard space. This species can grow in boh heavy sun to heavy shade and can eventually grow to a size upwards of 25 feet. Once established the palm can handle dry conditions well and is also cold tolerant. Aside from its appeal as a screener it also makes a beautiful accent piece and can be used as an individual specimen in design areas. Its deep purple fruits are both beautiful and powerful bird attractant. Various birds snack on the fruit as they pass through the landscape.